Ankle Weights Set (2 x 0.5lb Cuffs) - 1lbs in Total - Pink

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  • BEST IN QUALITY - Our remarkable cuffs are padded above the competition, keeping you focused on your form, and toning those glutes to perfection. These are Best In Class! Go on, compare us. No wonder our Ankle Weights are standard equipment for Victoria Secret Angels!

  • SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN - Our 0.5lbs Ankle Weights are suitable for children and teenagers,but they are also a perfect fit for people with smaller ankles and can be used as wrist weights. Combining unbeatable comfort with an enduring design, we help you get from zero to hero faster by adding just the right amount of resistance to your routine!
  • EVERYWHERE YOU ARE - Whether it's a brisk jog on your lunch break, or a mean Pilates session on Saturday, PINC Active Ankle Weights are up to the task and easy to take with you. So, when you need a little extra challenge, we're here to make sure you're getting healthier and stronger!
  • SNUG AS A BUG - You don't have to worry about flipping as our sure stay grip keeps our weights perfectly positioned on your ankles and wrists without you having to endure the constant adjustments that some of the other cuffs need.
  • GUARANTEED - Buying online can be scary sometimes. That's why we've made sure your buying experience with PINC Active is as stress free as possible with a ONE YEAR REPLACEMENT OR REFUND GUARANTEE! It's up to you, but if you feel our product hasn't met your needs, just let us know, and we'll do whatever it takes to make it right!