Resistance Tubes - Set of 5 Exercise Tubes with Handles, Ankle Straps, Door Anchor, Steel D-Rings, Waterproof Carrying Bag

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  • TONE, CONTOUR, SCULPT YOUR BODY: Improve your flexibility, and build inner strength by simply adding these workout resistance tubes to your everyday workout routine. These slip-resistant glute bands target your small and large group of muscles to improve your range of motion without overextending. Contour your body and sculpt your thighs, legs, and butt, with these tubes to take your workout sessions a notch higher.
  • STRONGER, STURDIER, NON-SLIP EXERCISE TUBES: These workout resistance loops are manufactured using premium-quality TPE material that induces commendable strength to bear extreme pressure during intense and high energy workouts. The material won’t scrunch up; and it offers optimum grip to prevent rolling down.
  • EXERCISE TUBES WITH VARYING RESISTANCE LEVEL: Each tube has a different resistance level that helps you to select the correct band for different exercises. The exercise loops are provided with different colors that indicate the resistivity level of each tube. The lighter shade of the tube represents light resistance, while the darker shade means heavy resistance that helps to engage the muscles to feel the burn. All 5 tubes, when combined, offer 100lbs of resistance.
  • SPORTS & FITNESS EQUIPMENT: These heavy-duty pull-up exercise tubes are ideal to be used by anyone and can easily be included in the fitness routines for a quick full-body, intense strength-training workouts. It is portable and has a metal clip system (high-grade carabiners), which allows easy attachments. Soft-grip handles are provided that helps in doing the workout comfortably.
  • SET OF 5 RESISTANCE TUBES: PINC Active Resistance Tubes Set includes 5 Resistance Tubes, 2 Ankle Straps, O- D- steel rings, 2 soft handles, 1door anchor along with a waterproof carrying bag. The resistance bands set of 5 includes: light pink (10lbs), peach pink (15lbs), vibrant pink (20lbs), concrete grey (25lbs), strong black (30lbs). It is recommended to never keep the tubes under direct sunlight to keep them strong and durable. The length of the tubes is 120cm.